During this time of unprecedented interruptions in educational access and instruction, we are here to support educators, schools, and districts as you continue your dedication to better educate all learners. We are thinking of you, your families, and your school communities and wishing you health and safety during this time.

We continue to follow public health guidance regarding COVID-19 and plan to provide the option of Virtual Synchronous Classrooms for professional development, if necessary, in order to meet the needs of your school and/or district. Please don't hesitate to contact us at icsequity@gmail.com with any questions.


The ICS Module/Step Series includes easy to follow, detailed explanations and steps to carry out the ICS process to eliminate inequities, but the following services are also available:


Attending the National Leadership for Social Justice Institute provides teams with an opportunity to spend significant focused time within a one-week intensive institute to learn about the ICS Steps and how to implement them in their settings.


We also provide customized equity coaching for leaders and teams at all levels – school, district, region, state, and university—as they implement the ICS Steps. Equity coaching extends across a period of time in working closely with leaders and teams to help them problem-solve and leverage their context for equity success.


An additional service, Equity Training are one-time events that encompass several hours up to several days of training. Leaders and teams may wish to have specific training on particular aspects of the ICS Process to either kick-off the work or to address a specific need of leaders and teams. For example, leaders and teams may wish to experience a training learning about why the ICS process is important through learning about the History of Marginalization, or specifically how to align teachers and staff in ways to eliminate segregating students with labels in particular classrooms.


We also provide completely customized energizing and motivating Equity Keynotes on any related equity topic. We spend time with your team gathering as much information as possible about the particular needs and unique contexts of the group and what might be most helpful to move the equity process forward in your setting.


While the ICS Module/Step Series include an equity audit as part of the process, sometimes, educators wish to request an external evaluation of their equity work. We provide comprehensive equity evaluations at all levels of education: schools, districts, regions, states, university departments/programs/colleges and university wide equity evaluations. Custom designed, these evaluations are collaborative and participatory, support the ICS process, and include detailed recommendations aligned with the Four Cornerstones and Steps.


For information on any of these services, contact Elise Frattura at efrattura.ics@gmail.com or Colleen Capper at ccapper.ics@gmail.com.